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What is the cost of the IMS Bearing?:

Price $599 with shop, club, and quantity discounts available.

Is there a warranty?:

Absolutely!  Just click on the "Warranty Info" tab to see how we stand behind our product and see why we have such a high rate of return customers.

Is there a tool available to assist in installation?:

Yes, we have a tool that makes installation either by you or a mechanics shop much easier.

     Rental one-time:  $19 (to cover postage)

     Purchase:  $100

What our customers say:

We have been using Bob's (Precision Automotive) IMS bearings for years with no problems!  We went through all the theories behind the underlying cause of failure and are convinced that the high quality roller bearing and associated pieces supplied by Precision are the best option!

Greg, European AutoHaus, Spokane, WA


Tools for replacing IMS bearings

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